Modern Instruments

The Instruments are made off the crude wood, exept for some accessory parts. The wood used is selected in saw-mills, specialized in tone-wood.

For the surface treatment, old recipes are used with natural oils and resins. On this way, the natural beauty of the wood gets accentuated, and the best basis is established for a natural age process. The instruments don´t get an artificial aging, this I let happen by the time, so each instrument can write its own history.

The instruments are based on the forms of the old masters, like Nicoló Amati or Jacob Stainer. After the proportions they used, a technical drawing is made to plan the new instrument.
Acoustic methods, suitable for workshops, like the Chladni method, are used to make sure to get to a good sound.

Individual demands, like string height or bridge form, are considered for the final adjustment of the instrument.